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Come Take A Seat In My Studio

I'm Gabriella,  A sucker for romance and daydream. I love to search your eyes for that flicker you're holding inside of you. 

I am very much looking forward to meeting you and most importantly getting the chance to spend some time with you, get to know you, hear your story and the fun part, taking your photo! 

Come take a seat in my studio. Treat yourself to a pamper session. A little bit of glitter and a few sprinkles of sparkle. And let your light shine.

Something About Your Photographer

I have such a sweet tooth. I would choose a desert over a starter any day! Bruch is my favourite kind of meal and I look forward to it every day!

I am Married to a Videographer, we met on a job a few years ago, we became best friends (I also told him the day we met he was going to be at my wedding, a girl knows best right) we married April 4th 2019. The heavens broke loose and washed the ground before us, nonetheless we boogied till our feet hurt. I was also 50 minutes late.. wasn't intentional, I didn't want to make him sweat haha. 


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