HELLO my name is..

Hi! I’m Gabriella, but your can also call me Gabby or Gab. (What ever you prefer to call me, i’ll answer to all three). 

 I am 20 years old, a huge day dreamer, (living in my own little world of hidden meanings and possibilities) a romantic and get very passionate with things what grab and consume my attention. I’m not much of a reader, to be honest I hate reading unless it’s something really interesting and I want to know more!   ( I really want to tell you what I am reading at the moment, but I will leave it to another blog post). I am a introvert, I don’t give much away. I would say i’m quiet. I wouldn’t say I’m a shy person, but I do get shy. (but we all do don’t we).

I am in my second year at Blackpool and Fylde University, studying photography. I would love to see my work in VOGUE in the future!! Ahhh, I have big dreams. 

 I think it is super important that I am professional but also personal with you guys! I will be writing about photography, images, projects, sharing mood boards etc.. but I am a girl, and I love girly thing. And I get passionate about things, sometimes obsess, and struggle. (I will explain this in another post) I also find things so interesting and i really want to share them with other people. (mostly girls) and Facebook just isn’t the best place for this.

I want to tell you all so much, but I really would go on. Basically I want to be more personal with you on this blog, is so you see the way I work, what goes through my mind ( 10,000 things), how I get to A - B, and how things influence me and my work. But also I want to influence and inspire you. 

 With Love

Gabriella x

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