K Elizabeth Designer

I have been shooting at Penny’s farm! 

Working with Kat, and photographing her final collection was so much fun! We were so lucky to be able to use the horses too! Kat’s theme was Elizabethan style. Back then they loved horses so what a better place than this? 

I used natural light and a reflector for this shoot. When the sun was shining bright and hitting the gold reflector it gave such a warm glow, i just loved it, it felt light golden hour! It was cold and windy but we got some great images and the girls did great.

I would have loved to have had used a full frame camera, so it would off got all the detail. But I am very happy with the outcome. 

Would I change anything?

Apart from using a different camera, I would off maybe would off done my own research. Kats mood board was great, just my style. But I think I should off definitely should off checked the location out before hand. Then drew up images in my head. (Witch i usually do) I also don’t like the bit of green plastic on the floor :/ . I’m not much for out door location shooting, I think I need to spend more time and practise more. But i am glad to have just jumped in and did it, now I have many ideas I want to do now on location. It has given me a confidence boost. Just what i needed. 

With Love


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